Export form data with Advanced CF7 DB

In this video, viewers will learn how to access Advanced CF7 DB and export user data. 

Note: This video does not show you how to set up Advanced CF7 DB, only how to access and export user information. If you would like to learn how to set up Advanced CF7 DB, please email zach@zummweb.com.

1) To start, launch your wordpress website by going to www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin to login.

WordPress login page

2) When you are on the WordPress admin dashboard, you will see different tabs on the left. scroll down and select Advanced CF7 DB.

 3) When you are in the Advanced CF7 DB dashboard, you will have to select an active form. Select the form that you need information from. (If you do not see your form, make use the form is active)

Advance CF7 DB form selection

4) Here you can view field names for the form and individual submissions. To open a individual submission, click on the edit button.

If you want to export multiple submission at one time to a CSV file, do the following:

Select desired submissions, click “export to..” and select what format you would like to export the data (I suggest CSV or Excel).

Advanced CF7 DB submission selection

And that is it! You should now have a CSV or Excel file that contains all your wanted information in a neat organized file.


If you need help with Advanced CF7 DB, let us know in the contact form below. 

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