How to add a scheduling calendar to Outlook email signature

Edit Email Signature

Mac: Open Outlook email > Click Outlook in the top menu bar> Select Preferences > Signature Edit

Outlook Email preferences Mac

Windows: Open Outlook email > Select Message menu Click Signature > Edit

Outlook Email preferences windows

Adding Scheduling Calendar URL

When adding a link to your email you have two options: you can add the link in plain text, or connect the link to an image. 

1) Plain Text

Type in desired text (ex. “schedule an appoint”) Highlight text > Click Link Paste URL to scheduling calendar. 

Outlook signure link to scheduling calendar

Outlook signure link to scheduling calendar 2

2) Add a Button

Select Pictures in the menu choose desired button image > Resize imageHighlight image > Click LinkPaste URL to scheduling calendar. 

Add button to email signature

Add button to email signature 2

After adding your URL to an image or plain text, save your signature.

And you’re done! Send an email to yourself to test the link to ensure it take you to your scheduling calendar. 

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