One-Call Website Management Service

It is safe to say that one of the most frustrating phone calls to make is to technical support. Generally, you are on the phone for hours and get transferred to 3-4 different department to find the right person. Instead of calling the technical support department, what if you could make one phone call for all your website management needs? 

One-call website management service

With Zumm Web, bloggers and small businesses now have a dedicated developer they can partner with to manage and grow their website. No more figuring it out yourself or spending hours on the phone to fix it. 


Has your website caused more problems than its worth? With Zumm Web, you can have a developer on your team to handle these problems and build a website that will grow your business. 

Most small businesses are not effectively using their website. Because of this they are losing a lot of business. Having a properly maintained and optimize website is essential in this market. Over 50% of consumers are now shopping and searching for services online. It’s time to put your business where your clients are. 

Hiring a full time developer to do with will cost you $40,000-$60,000 a year. Instead, hire a Zumm developer for an affordable monthly fee. 

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